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Michael Hermann, German, born 1957, Chief Representative of "The Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Representative Office" has worked in China for 16 years. He engaged in relevant social development work for 40 years in Europe, China, South America, the USA, India and Africa. Mr. Hermann has a solid background in financial management.
He is a Honorary Professor at the School of Finance and Public Administration under the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.

On 31.12.2011 he was awarded the “Honour Award for Outstanding Contributions to International Cooperation in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control in China” by His Excellency the Minister of Health Prof. Chen Zhu and HIV Goodwill Ambassador Mrs. Peng Liyuan.
On 26.04.2012 he was awarded the “Yunnan Friendship Award” by His Excellency the Governor of Yunnan Province Mr. Li Jiheng.
On 08.11.2013 he was awarded the "You bring Charm to China Award" by Tianjin TV Station, Hong Kong Phoenix TV and UNDP China.
On 26/12/2017 he was awarded the "Top Ten Public Welfare Actors and Movers Award" by the Phoenix Television chaired Public Welfare Alliance of 8 very prominent Chinese Public Foundation.

Humana People to People China works to create better development opportunities for disadvantaged people through solidary actions, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with those in need, striving for a better tomorrow. Our development work is rooted in a commitment to fight alongside the poor in a collective process that supports people to make changes, improve their lives and solve their problems.
We work currently in 3 provinces of China: Yunnan, Sichuan and Chongqing within the sectors of Community based Rural Preschool Education. , Health, Sustainable Rural Development and Climate Smart Agriculture. We have benefitted over 3.3 million people since we started projects in 2007.

Engaged staff at grassroots level: apart from 24 staff and consultants in our Kunming, Liangshan and Chongqing offices, our 103 project leaders and community outreach workers live and work at the project locations.
By providing technical support and training we assist the villagers to increase their own self-development potential and to become the main driving force in this development.

In 2008 HPP started its ‘Preschools of the Future’ - POF - program of community operated mixed class rural preschool classes, aiming to bring ECE to remote poverty areas. Until today, more than 13,500 village children benefitted from the more than 315 preschools supported by HPP in 14 poverty counties in Yunnan, Sichuan and Hubei.

Since 2016 POF is one of the 51 'Good Charity Products' promoted by the ' The Effective Philanthropy Multiplier' platform, established by State Counselor Mr. Xu Yongguang and 20 important foundation and media partners.
There are currently 4 organizations in China who implement the POF model.

POF works closely with the Department of Education and contributed to the establishment of the 'One Village, One Preschool' policy in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in 2015 and in Yunnan Province in 2017.

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