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  • Co-founder and Managing Trustee, Industree Crafts Foundation
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Neelam Chhiber is Co-founder and Managing Trustee at Industree Crafts Foundation, Co-founder and Managing Director, Industree Skills Transform Private Ltd. and Co-founder, Director at Mother Earth.

An Industrial Design graduate from National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Neelam has for the past three decades been working with artisans in rural areas, by providing design, technical, marketing and management solutions to bridge the urban-rural divide.

Over the years, Neelam and her team have built a holistic ecosystem that works with rural women in India to equip them with the necessary skills and tools to set up self-owned enterprises close to their homes. Industree works to ensure these communities, become part of mainstream value chains and therefore have greater control over their economic security.

Her most recent endeavor Mission Creative Million aims to strengthen the resources of a million producers in the next 10 years, to achieve both economic impact (including regular work, increased wages and financial stability) and social impact (improved agency and voice for women at home and in their communities, as well as better educational opportunities for the next generation).

Neelam believes that her biggest challenge and reward has been facilitating and equipping producers to manage themselves in changing scenarios.


Creating sustainable livelihoods across Asia

25 Jun 2019

As climate change renders a huge rural population of Asia vulnerable, focusing on sustainable livelihoods has become a priority for most countries in the region. To protect the vulnerable population from externally induced poverty, their livelihoods need to be robust…Read More

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