Olivia Prentice

About Olivia Prentice

Olivia oversees the technical work of the IMP Structured Network, ensuring that it upholds the collective vision of creating joined-up standards for impact measurement and management that can ultimately be backed by regulation. Olivia also leads the operations across the IMP.

Olivia has been with the IMP since its launch in 2016. She is experienced in designing impact measurement and management approaches across diverse geographies, asset classes and for a range of audiences, including wealth managers, investment managers and corporates. She has co-authored a number of reports illustrating best practice impact measurement and management in practice, and regularly delivers training on this topic through global academic institutions and industry membership networks.

Prior to this, Olivia led Bridges Fund Management’s impact management strategy in the UK across all fund types (growth equity, social impact bond, social enterprises and property). She previously worked for CDC, the UK’s Development Finance Institution, and with the DFID Impact Fund.

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