Raghunathan Narayanan

About Raghunathan Narayanan

N Raghunathan is a social entrepreneur, researcher and an evaluator. His passion is to facilitate solutions at a scale that eliminate inequities, marginalisation, hunger and poverty. He is focused on bringing change to a number of vulnerable groups through evidence, models, incubation and investments. He has over 28 years of experience in the livelihood, social and rural sector. As a development enabler, Raghunathan has a deep appreciation for multi-sectoral and community-led approaches for sustainable development; integrating themes and levels to all address key barriers to achievement of impact. He has extensive experience in the domains of livelihoods – including agri-business, biodiversity, education, health, and governance; and has worked on cross-thematic areas.

What projects am I working on currently?

  1. 3Fold Model – Building wealthy, resilient and responsible smallholder farmers in India. A self-sustaining revenue-driven model, which currently covers 37,500 farmers in 505 villages, adopts a farmer-centric integrated approach delivering a bundle of customized six essential services – farm advisory, financing and schemes, farm inputs, value-addition, marketing and allied/non-farm enterprises. Vrutti invests in mobilizing farmers into producer organisations that helps them operate at scale, and enhance their bargaining power in the value chain. Extensive handholding by on-ground staff, augmented by technology drives effective delivery. This model is making farmers and their families earn three times their current income; more resilient by diversifying their livelihood opportunities; and promoting sustainable practices, thus reducing farmer suicides.
  2. ‘Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship’ (PIE) – A system change initiative, PIE aims to impact 5 million small scale farmers through a human-digital platform that facilitates transacting products of these farmers in high value markets, significantly improving their incomes and market power.  Ensuring transparency and capacity in the ecosystem, platform promotes trusted relationships.  PIE will impact at country level by bundling siloed efforts of government, NGOs and producer-collectives.  PIE builds shared universal infrastructure and marketplace using the societal platform approach.
  3. ‘FPO Shakti’ – an ‘impact investment facility’ that provides value-chain based blended financing for the small producers and their collectives to invest and expand their enterprises.  This is a facility which brings together various forms of financing instruments from variety of development partners and ensures calibrated delivery for producers and their collectives substantially improving the viability and success of enterprises and ensuring impact

What kind of expertise and resources am I looking for?

Investors and advisory all the three areas above

Connects for co-creation of the platform

What expertise and resources can I offer to my collaborators?

Support in scaling up and replicating the models that are listed – technical support

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