Raj Ridvan Singh

About Raj Ridvan Singh

Teacher Raj is a successful social entrepreneur, an educational revolutionist and a social activist. For over 20 years working for the underprivileged, Teacher Raj leads the Humanitarian Foundation and Social Enterprises of SOLS. SOLS main pillars are: Education | Renewable Energy | Technology | Mental Health.

After returning to Malaysia in 2010, Teacher Raj started the tax-exempted, humanitarian organization: SOLS 24/7 and began tapping into his entrepreneurial strengths to pioneer the concept of blending the worlds of social service (humanitarian work) and entrepreneurship. So far 400,000+ individuals have benefitted from SOLS 24/7’s programmes and projects and he runs 3 successful Social/Impact Enterprises.


Singapore’s Role in Mobilising Impact Capital for Asia

27 Jun 2019

From family offices to corporates, governments to venture philanthropists; over the last decade, a quiet revolution has been taking place. A growing movement to change the world by championing businesses as a force for social good is paving the way…Read More

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