Ramona Liberoff

About Ramona Liberoff
  • Founding CEO, SPRING Accelerator

Ramona Liberoff has worked for 20+ years at the corner of innovation and globalisation, leading large global insight relationships for clients like Vodafone, Pepsico and HSBC, leading innovation teams for Unilever, and also acting as an investor for an angel portfolio of high growth change the world start-ups and occasional founder, most recently of a radically inclusive transport start-up.

She is interested in how entrepreneurs can change the world using the rocket fuel of tech and ideas, and served as CEO and now consultant of SPRING Accelerator, helping 75 businesses in East Africa and South Asia grow and innovate.

She holds masters degrees from Yale University and the London School of Economics and lives between Berlin and Brighton.


Best practices in acceleration

26 Jun 2019

Accelerators play a vital role in the innovation ecosystem, enabling the growth and scale of businesses with a social purpose. Palladium runs SPRING Accelerator – a DFID, USAID and DFAT funded accelerator focused on growing sustainable social enterprises that have…Read More

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