Rosilah Binte Abdul Hamid

About Rosilah Binte Abdul Hamid
  • Community Leader, Daughters Of Tomorrow

Rozie is a single mother of 2 girls aged 14 and 11. She currently works as a Welfare Officer in a local children’s home, looking after 60 children.

In her spare time, she volunteers with Daughters of Tomorrow to bring home-based childminding support to women in her community. She contributes her knowledge from her profession in children’s welfare to enhance the capacity of women in the neighbourhood to care for one another’s children so that more women can be enabled to pursue a career and stable income.


Creating greater impact in grant-making: Listening to the voice of the beneficiary

25 Jun 2019

Many funders and grantmakers overlook a critical source of insight into the relevance and impact of their work — the people they are ultimately seeking to help. How do they experience non-profit programmes and services? Is there positive impact being…Read More

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