Xiuling Xu

About Xiuling Xu

Ms. Xiuling Xu is in charge of corporate social responsibility, corporate culture management and training committee in CreditEase. Led by Ms. Xu, CreditEase publishes CSR report every other year, engaged thousands of college students to provide intelligence support for tens of thousands of small and micro businesses through “Micro Finance Super Engine� plan for 6 consecutive years, leveraged 170 thousand investors to lend 240 million RMB to 22 thousand Chinese rural poor women as of April 2017 through YiNongDai Microfinance Rural Assistance Platform, promoted China Initiative for Social Finance from 2014, and mobilized hundreds of volunteers to benefit 20 thousand youth and children from “Little shell FQ program�.

Before joining CreditEase, Ms. Xu was the chief editor of financial channel of CCTV .

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