Simon Baldwin

About Simon Baldwin

Simon is a father, a husband and avid surfer. He is also the director of SecondMuse in South and Southeast Asia.

Before joining SecondMuse, Simon worked on a range of public health and human rights issues across the globe. Along the way he has also founded several companies. Simon’s work currently focuses on exploring how innovation and entrepreneurship can be harnessed to develop solutions to complex social and environmental problems. Simon originally trained as a psychologist and has a masters degree in public health. As a passion project he is writing a book about Indonesian sambals. Simon lives with his wife and two children in Singapore.


Solving for marine plastic waste

26 Jun 2019

Plastic pollution in the ocean has dire implications for all marine life, humans and the entire planet. Approximately 9 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each year—the equivalent of 5 plastic grocery bags stuffed with trash on…Read More

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