Glenda M. Antonio

About Glenda M. Antonio

Spring Rain Global is the leading partner among donors and donees specializing in financial planning and philanthropy .

We create a sustainable philanthropic development office ecosystem both in the non profit anf for profit sector towards long term sustainability .

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  • Stephan Dyckerhoff

    Stephan Dyckerhoff

    President and CEO Buurtzorg Neigbourhood Care China Ltd

  • Ling Han

    Ling Han

    Research Fellow Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore

  • Jemmy Chayadi

    Jemmy Chayadi

    Director of Strategy & Sustainable Development Djarum Foundation

  • Esther An

    Esther An

    Chief Sustainability Officer City Developments Limited

  • Neha Goyal

    Neha Goyal

    Consultant Indian School of Development Management

  • Sreenivas Narayanan

    Sreenivas Narayanan

    Managing Director AsianNGO