Sreenivas Narayanan

About Sreenivas Narayanan
  • Managing Director, AsianNGO

Sreeni is the founder and Managing Director of ASSIST, an innovative and self-sustaining Non Profit focused on Capacity Building.

He is a Chemical Engineer by training and has an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management. He also has additional professional qualifications from both Japan and Germany.

Sreeni leads a dynamic and dedicated team, which has transformed ASSIST into a dynamic and innovative NGO. Currently ASSIST manages more than 50 developmental projects in 13 countries through its offices in 3 countries. It is set to grow even further and promote its social mission using its core philosophy of “Partner to Progress”.

Sreeni has launched several private and social ventures over the years, and is currently working on launching AsianNGO; a mixed media magazine/ portal, the first of its kind in Asia. At the core of most of his actions is the respect for environment and education. He is currently based in the Philippines and travel across the globe to deliver projects and speech in conferences.

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