Swee Sum Lam

About Swee Sum Lam
  • Director, Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore
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Ms. Lam Swee Sum, PhD, PhD, FCA, CFA, is also an Associate Professor of Finance at the NUS Business School. She is an accountant by training, having earned her doctorate degree in Finance from the University of Washington. She also earned a doctorate degree in Theology from Durham University.

Prior to joining NUS, Dr. Lam has had diverse work experience in corporate banking, corporate finance, and real estate. Since assuming the directorship of ACSEP in 2011, she has curated the addition of six new modules – on leadership, entrepreneurship, investing and consulting at the intersection of the business and social sectors – to both the BBA and MBA curricula at the NUS Business School. To build leadership in the people, public and private sectors, she seeded the Social Impact Prize Awards and Scholarships in Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy for both BBA and MBA students. She also oversaw the launch of the ACSEP Case Series on Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy to advance impactful practices through formal education and executive training. In addition, she introduced the ACSEP Working Paper Series on Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy to foster thought leadership with the desired outcome being the reallocation of scarce resources to those who can deliver impact for social good.

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