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About Sylvia Cadena

After ten years managing the Information Society Innovation Fund (ISIF Asia) at APNIC, Sylvia was appointed Head of Programs at the APNIC Foundation in December 2016. As Head of Programs, Sylvia works on the management, design and implementation of collaborative programs to expand APNIC’s capacity-building efforts and its overall Development Program.

At ISIF Asia, Sylvia continues to lead a grants and awards program that seeks to empower communities in the Asia Pacific to research, design and implement Internet-based solutions for their own needs. As one of the region’s most established Internet development programs, ISIF Asia places particular emphasis on the positive role the Internet has on social and economic development in the Asia Pacific.

Sylvia also leads APNIC’s engagement with the Seed Alliance, a global collaboration with the AFRINIC and LACNIC (the regional Internet registries for Africa, Latina America and the Caribbean respectively). Together with its funding partners, and various regional sponsors, the Seed Alliance supports innovative Internet development across the global south.

Before joining APNIC in 2008, Sylvia spend 15 years working on the strategic use of the Internet for development with an emphasis on capacity building. Since her early years as a UN Volunteer, she has worked across the multistakeholder spectrum of organizations with technical, training and advisory roles, mainly about information systems, access provision and innovation. In July 2003, her work was recognized with the “Annual Award for Young Professionals” by the International Development Research Center (IDRC).


Investing in Internet connectivity: Unlocking local opportunities

25 Jun 2019

This session will explore the barriers and opportunities for investing in connectivity solutions, the experiences from grants programmes and investors in this field as well as reviewing the experiences from investees in the field. More than half of the world…Read More

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