Tias van Moorsel

About Tias van Moorsel

Tias is an expert on sustainability and impact measurement and management

Tias van Moorsel is a director with a specific focus on impact measurement and management. He has a long track record advising clients on integrating sustainability and impact into strategy and operations, mainly in the extractive, food & beverage and financial sectors. He is based in Sinagpore.

Tias worked with over 30 multinationals and international organisation all over the world. He knows how to manoeuvre in an environment with many stakeholders and faciliates that accordinlgly. With his sound knowledge of economic modelling and strong analytical skills, Tias provides clients with practical solutions to complex issues around impact measurement and management.

Tias is the author of various publications on impact measurement and development economics. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Tilburg University with a focus on Resource, Development & Growth economics.

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