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  • Head Innovation and Special Projects, Mann Deshi Mahila Sahakari Bank Limited
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Vandana Bhansali is Head of Innovation and Special Projects at Mann Deshi. In this key leadership role, she spearheads India’s first ever Social Impact Fund for Women Micro Entrepreneurs in India, initiated by Mann Deshi. She also serves as advisor to Mann Deshi Kisan Producer Company, an organization that is operated by and serves women farmers. She designs and builds innovative product solutions and partnerships for access to affordable finance and access to markets by rural women entrepreneurs and farmers. At Mann Deshi, she actively leverages her domain expertise to forge cross-sectoral partnerships amongst businesses, government, voluntary organisations, community groups and social enterprises for sustainable development.

Vandana is a seasoned sustainability professional with over 15 years of experience across the development and corporate sector. Prior to Mann Deshi, she spent a decade at HSBC India in the Corporate Sustainability and Inclusive Banking Unit team.

She also helped formulate various corporate CSR policies and programmes, earlier in her career at the Bombay Chamber of Commerce.

She passionately believes and advocates the triple bottom line approach in her work in – both, the private as well as non-profit sectors.

Vandana is an active contributor and speaker at many national and international conferences on Microfinance, Financial Inclusion, Digital India and Livelihoods. Vandana was one of the representatives of Mann Deshi at the World Economic Forum Davos 2018.


Redefining social finance through innovative finance models

27 Jun 2019

Social finance is shifting from mobilizing resources through innovative fundraising to ensuring social and environmental impact through market-based instruments. The International Labour Organization estimates that the pool of capital market assets is expected to increase to more than USD 100…Read More

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