Virginia Tan

About Virginia Tan

Virginia Tan is the founding partner of Teja Ventures, the first pan- Asian gender lens VC fund focusing on early stage technology companies in respect of the She Economy. This was inspired by her founding and leadership of Lean In China and She Loves Tech, two of the world’s largest communities for women.

Virginia’s background was in strategic investments in emerging markets, and moved to Beijing in 2013 to work on investments related to China’s One Belt One Road policy. She worked in 2 magic circle firms and covered more than USD30 billion worth of commercial transactions, participating in the rise of the Chinese tech ecosystem and outbound capital investment from China to the rest of the world. She founded She Loves Tech® in 2015, a global platform which houses the world ‘s largest startup competition for women and technology, held across 20 international locations.

The establishment of Teja Ventures is a continuation of Virginia’s determination to build a more supportive ecosystem for women in Asia, using venture capital to fully leverage and scale the economic opportunities of the She Economy. Her access to massive communities of women entrepreneurs, professionals and executives has given her unique insights into and pipeline relating to the She Economy, through understanding the needs, consumer behavior and purchasing power of women. Virginia is often a first port of call for women entrepreneurs as well as founders seeking advice on She Economy verticals and is renowned for her vision and expertise across Asia in the women space. Forbes has hailed her as “removing barriers to global women’s empowerment”.


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2020 06 09

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