Vishal Phanse

About Vishal Phanse
  • Director, Sustainable Business & Communications, UNILEVER ASIA PTE LTD

Vishal heads the primary health care initiative of the Piramal Foundation built on the principles of “Seva Bhav” operating across 20 states with more than 4600 public health professionals and Doctors working (and learning) ground up in the most vulnerable communities of India serving more than one million beneficiaries every month. Vishal is dedicated to the MMR 70 SDG target of India focussed on innovation; “innovations to scale” as a design approach and is committed to creating platforms for primary health care delivery (Tribal platform for 10% of India’s population with 2.5X india MMR, Technology based connected health platform as a public good, Community Outreach and connected health platform as PPP outcome oriented models) for sustainable impact at scale.

He collaborates with various thought leaders in the government and development sector to design and implement systemic change models (supply) and sustainable replicable models (demand) and believes in the transformative power of balancing demand and supply synergistically. He leads knowledge and implementation efforts partnering with the government at the State and Centre, in the first of its kind public philanthropy partnership for aspirational districts with Niti Ayog.

Ending Preventable Deaths for reproductive mother’s is the mandate that Vishal works on and in his current capacity is the recipient of many awards (CSR Health Impact award, Express Public Health award, Social Impact award, Skoch order of merit award, India’s Best governance program award over the last 3 years and is a speaker at social impact forums.

In his previous avatar, Vishal, was a first generation entrepreneur, exited from the telecom managed services company he built and operated across India, and countries in Middle East, Africa. Vishal has a Pune MBA and has mentored several start-ups and social entrepreneurs.

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