Vishnu Swaminathan

About Vishnu Swaminathan

Vishnu is a Leadership Group Member (VP) at Ashoka. He leads Global Partnerships and Technology initiatives for Changemaking. He is based out of Washington DC and prior to that, he led Ashoka in Asia. He has been a social entrepreneur since 2008.

He has created two independent organisations out of work at Ashoka. Indian Housing Federation focused on policy and hybrid value chains of affordable housing and Nourishing Schools Foundation focused on empowering school students to take charge of their own nutrition which has reached over 40,000 children in India.

Vishnu has been a lifelong entrepreneur. Between 1997-2008 he created two for-profit companies based in Singapore on internet payments and digital assistants.


Collaborating to Achieve the SDGs

2020 06 08

To achieve the SDGs by 2030, collaborations and partnerships are crucial to this success. As we consider the additional challenges posed by the economic and social setbacks from COVID-19, bringing together philanthropists in a meaningful way will be critical to…Read More

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