Xia Li

About Xia Li
  • Founder, Shenzhen Power-Solution Ind Co.,Ltd.

Xia founded Shenzhen Power-Solution Co., Ltd. in 2009, a designer and provider of affordable and high-quality solar lighting solutions for off-grid regions worldwide. The mission of the company is to enable, empower, and enlighten the 1 billion people at the bottom of pyramid who have no access to electricity, therefore helping them live a better, safer, brighter, and cleaner life with dignity and self-reliance.

During the period from 2013 to 2018, the company produced 37 million KWH of energy for over 4.2 million households, reducing CO2 emissions by 3.3 million tons. A social enterprise, the company also produces educational products, cooking devices, and agricultural equipment using solar energy for those in need.


Finding opportunities in China’s social investment sector

25 Jun 2019

After several years of growth, China’s social investment sector has witnessed robust development, evidenced by more social enterprises, greater interest from social investors, and many new foundations ready to engage in venture philanthropy and impact investing. Inspired by the latest…Read More

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