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  • Global Director - Nutrition Improvement, DSM Nutritional Products
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Yannick holds higher degrees in Molecular Biology, Public Health and Social Impact Strategy. Prior to joining DSM, Yannick was previously the Director of Partnerships and Fundraising for BIOVISION- the World Life Sciences Forum (France), a think tank organised by a non-profit group to foster collaboration between developed and emerging economies and improve access to essential medicines.

Yannick joined DSM in Singapore in 2012 and was initially responsible for the Asia Pacific region, driving the development of food fortification and supplementation programmes such as rice fortification.

Yannick has since held a global partner engagement role from 2018 to 2020 and has recently been appointed Global Director of DSM’s Nutrition Improvement unit, whose mission is to positively impact public health by developing and implementing effective and affordable nutrition solutions, leveraging their expertise and cross sectors partnerships to reach low income consumers and beneficiaries.


Nourishing Asia: Scaling Impact at the Intersection

2020 06 08

By the time a child turns three, his or her brain has grown to 80% of its adult size. The lived experience of a child during the first 1,000 days of life, from conception to their second birthday, presents both…Read More

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