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  • Global Lead, Partner Engagement - Nutrition Improvement, DSM Nutritional Products
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Yannick Foing was Asia Pacific Director of DSM’s Nutrition Improvement unit since 2012 and until January 2018. In this role, he supported financially and socially sustainable initiatives to deliver effective fortified nutritious foods to two billion low to middle income consumers in Asia Pacific. Since early 2018, Yannick has been appointed Global Lead, Partner Engagement for DSM Nutrition Improvement unit and will be looking after fostering collaborations with public sector partners, donors and foundations.

A veteran in the life sciences industry, he was previously the Director of Partnerships and Fundraising for BIOVISION, the World Life Sciences Forum, a think tank organised by a non-profit group to bring media, civil society, government, and industry representatives together to debate the impact on life science on public health and to foster collaboration between developed and emerging economies. During his four-year tenure from 2009 to 2012, he increased total donor contributions by 150 percent in two years.

At DSM, Yannick was instrumental in bringing to scale rice fortification in multiple countries in Asia Pacific, working jointly with NGOs, UN agencies, Government and private sector. Rice being the main staple in Asia, rice fortification could be a game changer for nutrition in Asia and Africa. Yannick also supported the development of cross sector collaborations with large food companies to engage them in developing affordable nutritious products targeting low income consumers.

“I truly believe that DSM holds the torch in providing affordable, accessible and sustainable nutrition to people. There is no bigger issue today than malnutrition, and we are making progress against it.”

Born in Paris, France in 1977. Yannick holds a Masters in Molecular Biology from the Louis Pasteur University in France. He is also a graduate of the executive programme in social impact strategy at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. He is married and enjoys trekking, photography and martial arts.


Unlocking funding for affordable nutrition

26 Jun 2019

Poor diets are now the number one risk factor for morbidity and mortality globally. Scaling up proven nutrition interventions and improving diets by increasing access and affordability to nutrient rich foods has substantial positive health outcomes. However, market constraints –…Read More

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