Yan Zhai

About Yan Zhai

Zhai Yan is the Chair of Board at Beijing ProBono Foundation - a non-profit organization that aims to advance pro bono awareness and build a sustainable resource for grassroots organizations in China.

Beijing Pro Bono Foundation was founded in 2016 as a scale-up of Huizeren ProBono Academy, a non-profit organization established by Yan in 2003 to provided professional volunteering and capacity building services and promoted international cooperation between pro bono professionals and grassroots NGOs in China. With over 24 years’ experience in voluntary service action research and capacity-building, Yan also serves as a volunteering expert at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Volunteer Service Federation and Volunteer Research Association. Previously, she was the assistant director of Maple Woman’s Psychological Service Center and spent over a decade working as a pediatrician.

Yan received her Master’s Degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology from the Psychology Institution of Beijing Normal University.


Mobilising human capital for impact

27 Jun 2019

A shortage in qualified personnel has been a major obstacle limiting even the larger social purpose organisations (SPOs) from scaling up their impact. SPOs have to either seek external help through consultants, or develop talent internally. However, each solution has…Read More

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