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AVPN Climate Action Platform

The air might be a little cleaner since COVID-19 shutdowns but that doesn’t mean climate change is going away. In the face of a recession, there is huge pressure on public budgets to fund multiple priorities. How can we “build back better” post-disaster to promote resiliency for the health of people and the planet?
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AVPN Gender Platform

COVID-19 is having a disproportionate effect on women and girls, from domestic violence to affected livelihoods. There is a clear need to look at the global crisis through a gendered lens, to raise awareness about these issues and create positive change.
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AVPN-PAHAL Health Platform

Powered by USAID, the Platform aims to galvanize shared-value partnerships, promote innovative financing mechanisms and disseminate learnings to address the funding health challenges, with particular focus on COVID-19, Tuberculosis, Maternal and Child health (MCH), Primary Health Care and Family Planning.
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COVID-19 Platform

AVPN Members have raised close to USD10 billion in the last 2 months. Explore collaborative opportunities to emerge stronger from the pandemic and identify priorities for impact.
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Constellations 2020

AVPN launched its first ever Constellations to celebrate outstanding collaborative initiatives that our members have driven. Explore how our members have developed unique partnerships and how you could potentially join these catalytic movements.
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AVPN Academy

In response to a growing appetite for industry-wide learning, AVPN has designed a prototype online platform for social investment professionals and entrants to access cross-cutting tools, frameworks and best practices anytime, anywhere.
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AVPN SE Toolkit

Social enterprises are seeking capital to create impact, and investors are looking for investment ready deals. But what does investment readiness mean to you? And does it mean the same thing to your investees? Our first step towards developing a common language framework is through the SE Development Toolkit. Experience it here.
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