2020 AVPN Conference


Submit your application by 31 March

AVPN Constellations highlights the ways in which AVPN members are addressing the complex problems of our times with stellar interconnected solutions, leveraging the power of networks for greater impact. 

AVPN will recognise outstanding social investment collaborations between its members driving interconnected solutions to the complex social and environmental problems in the Asia Pacific region.
By celebrating organisations and projects that are at the forefront of Asia’s social investment ecosystem, AVPN hopes to inspire more of its members and the wider community to mobilise more capital towards impact. The projects recognised will not represent a list of the best or those with the most impact but rather examples of excellent work as a starting point to inspire many more.

Selected projects will be recognised and celebrated at the AVPN Conference 2020, provided with an AVPN badge of honour and gain on-going marketing and media exposure.

Eligibility Criteria

Cross-Sectoral Collaboration

  • A collaboration between at least 2 AVPN members
  • Breaks down silos by partnering with at least 2 organization types (e.g. Foundation, Corporation, Intermediaries etc.) - see here for description

Impact Potential

  • Addresses one of Asia’s most pressing socio-environmental issues
  • A cohesive plan to drive scalable change and achieve long-term impact in Asia

Innovation & Inspirational

  • Employs innovative approaches, practices, and technologies to solve socio-environmental issues
  • An outreach plan that motivates people to take action for solving issues in Asia

Projects may either have been initiated, in progress, or have already been completed, within the past 3 years (Since January 2017)

Timeline (subject to change without notice)

constellation timeline


An independent panel of judges with distinguished backgrounds will assess the entries following rigorous criteria with integrity, objectivity, impartiality, avoidance of conflict of interest and transparency.

Panel of Judges
Card image cap
Bradley Busetto

United Nations Development Programme

Card image cap
Francis Ngai

CEO & Founder
Social Ventures Hong Kong

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Fay Twersky

Effective Philanthropy Group, Hewlett Foundation

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Moutushi Sengupta

Country Director
MacArthur Foundation

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Naina Subberwal Batra

Chairperson and CEO

Judging Criteria

Candidates will be judged according to four judging criteria:

Judging criteria Description Weight (%)
Cross-sectoral collaboration & leverage of networks Demonstrate cross-sectoral collab between 2 members that have leveraged networks to achieve greater impact. 30%
Impact potential The partnership addresses one of the Asia Pacific and/or Middle East’s most pressing problems, and it has a cohesive plan to drive change and achieve long-term impact. 30%
Innovation The partnership employs innovative approaches, practices and technologies that disrupt an unsustainable and unjust equilibrium to solve social and/or environmental problems. 20%
Potential to inspire others The partnership motivates people to take action for solving issues in Asia Pacific and/or Middle East. 20%


  1. Application submission date: By 23:59 GMT+8 on 31 March 2020
  2. Submit via the online form
  3. Application should be submitted in English only and follow the requirements of the application form.
  4. The application is free of charge.
  5. For any queries, please contact: constellations@avpn.asia
  6. AVPN reserves the right to change the specifications of AVPN Constellations 2020.