Building Your Pipeline with Investment Ready Enterprises

In collaboration with Village Capital and Credit Suisse, AVPN is launching the Social Enterprise (SE) Development Toolkit dedicated to bridging the gap between the investor and investee assessment of investment readiness. AVPN is excited to be showcasing a number of specially selected SEs that have been chosen to share their experiences accessing human and intellectual capital to be better equipped for their financial ask.

  • HiGi Energy

    Assists small-scale producer to produce high-quality charcoal efficiently enabling the economies of scale, impacting the Environment and alleviate poverty.

  • 360ed

    360ed harnesses children’s play and curiosity by using Augmented Reality Learning apps that are incorporated into the everyday learning process.

  • Good Financial
    Hong Kong

    Alleviates poverty for migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong and their families by providing ethical low-interest loans as well as financial literacy and debt counselling services.

  • UglyGood

    The UglyGood Project aims to transform organic waste into valuable resources & products through application of scientific research and sustainable organic waste recycling initiatives. It impacts environmental sustainability.

  • SDI Academy

    To reduce workplace injuries through provision of customised English and vocational courses for the migrant workers for better comprehension of safety instructions at their workplace.

  • Ecodoe

    Supports local craftsmen in Indonesia to produce well-designed souvenirs and gifts which can be profitable through the E-commerce market.

Innovating Towards Inclusive and Creative Economies

In partnership with the British Council, the session will showcase social enterprises dedicated to fostering creative economies – this means empowering solutions to alleviate discriminatory growth and foster diversity and inclusion in successful communities. Through interactive group dialogues, this session will provide delegates the opportunity to create collaborative partnerships with SPOs and explore co-investment opportunities with other funders.

  • Journey of the Senses

    Employs the visually and hearing impaired in creative services and restaurants while creating an innovative & sensory experience for guests

  • DeafTawk

    A digital platform bridging the communication gap for the deaf hence enhancing their access to quality health, education, and employment opportunities.

  • Earth Heir

    An ethical fashion enterprise combining traditional heritage with modern designs through their work with women artisans including indigenous tribes and refugee groups.

  • Equal Reality

    Creates Diversity and Inclusion training in Virtual Reality that drives behaviour change through increased empathy in learning.

  • Haus Kch

    A creative community hub that enhances the learning experience of students rural schools through digital technology and art.

  • Solve Education!

    Providing underserved youth with an accessible and engaging mobile platform to improve their learning outcomes and employment prospects.

Partnering for Innovation in Disaster Technology

This session will showcase technologies from the top five finalists of the Prudence Foundation Disaster Tech Innovation Programme. The programme, centred around a competition, aims to create a platform to showcase and raise the awareness of technology aimed at saving and protecting lives from natural disasters. It is also aligned with SDGs 11 and 13.

  • FieldSight

    FieldSight is a digital platform for monitoring and quality assurance in post-disaster reconstruction that helps ensure what is rebuilt is rebuilt to quality and ethical standards.

  • Peta Bencana

    A free web-based platform that produces megacity-scale visualizations of disasters in Indonesia using crowd-sourced reporting and government agency validations in real time to mitigate urban risk.

  • Humanitarian Open Street Map Team

    OpenAerialMap (OAM) is an aerial imagery sharing platform for disaster response and preparedness. OAM provides a free, public content management system for open imagery with robust search and sharing.

  • SeismicAI

    SeismicAI is world-leader in Earthquake Early Warning Systems (EEWS).

  • People in Need

    EWS1294 is Cambodia’s early warning system, allowing population across the country to sign up to receive early warnings in cases of disasters, such as typhoons and floods. Using IoT, AI, and IVR.

Engaging Social Enterprises in Corporate Value Chains

This session showcases enterprises with innovative solutions and leveraging technology to address social and environmental challenges within communities. The session also explores opportunities to scale such innovations through financial and non-financial resources. The social purpose organisations featured here have come through the Regional Future Makers Programme supported by Singtel, Optus, Globe, Telkomsi and AIS.

  • Allied World Healthcare

    We train local residents to provide health support and events through technology. The primary beneficiary is low-income, rural people who live in communities >1 hour from traditional primary care.

  • Diffago

    Diffago is a platform to enable Persons with Disabilities to achieve economic Independence. The main focus of Diffago is for helping people with disabilities to connect to employers to get decent jobs.

  • Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation Inc.(AIDFI)

    The project delivers water to water-less upland villages and farms through the AIDFI ram pump and a holistic package around it. The increased volume of water provides diverse benefits to the poorest.

  • Virtual Psychologist

    Provides access to qualified mental health services via Text to those people who find phone and face to face services too confrontational or simply do not have access to mental health services.

  • Antipara

    Enhanced 3D survey for depths beyond 30 meter where possible damage of mesophotic coral reef are located. This algorithm can be applied even to off shore infrastructures to assess pipelines.

  • Energy Response

    ENRES offers buildings and factories a continuous health check for both energy and quality, allowing facility to monitor their inefficiency and able to get recommendation for solving the inefficiency.

Fostering the Growth of Inclusive Businesses

This Deal Share Live session is part of a partnership with the Inclusive Business Action Network (iBAN) that aims to unlock opportunities for funders and resources to engage with investment-ready inclusive businesses to support them in maximising their impact.

  • Hamona

    Hamona aims to increase number of benefited farmers in season 2019. Coconut price floating will not be a farmer problems any more by contracting with Hamona at a fixed price scheme for the whole year.

  • Cricket One

    The project aims to produce crickets as a sustainable high protein & high mineral food source for human consumption through collaborating with local farmers in Vietnam for crickets farming.

  • Great Women

    A social enterprise with a unique brand platform powered by an accelerator fund for women weavers businesses and indigenous peoples under an inclusive textile supply chain that adds value and standardizes products for niche, global markets.

  • Agronomika

    Agronomika supports smallholder farmers and SMEs in rural Philippines by providing client-centered and customised financing and linking them into sustainable and fair value chains.

  • Akha Ama

    Akha Ama produces sustainable coffee through integrated farming techniques, engaging in direct trade with smallholder farmers to provide fair benefit for communities and provide technical support to the farmers.

  • Global Partnership for Sustainable Solutions (GPSS)

    International development organisation dedicated to creating community models for sustainable solutions and shared value, starting with the Philippines.