Empowering Entrepreneurship to Advance the Lives of Women

Event Details
  • June 27th, Thursday, 3:15am - 4:45am
  • Room 310

While many development indicators demonstrate that the lives of women in Asia have drastically improved, endemic problems continue to keep them from fulfilling their potential. For example, many women today remain employed in vulnerable jobs, are victims of intimate partner violence, and lack access to critical maternal healthcare, especially in rural areas. Traditionally, much of the progress in women advancement has been led by governments, civil society and philanthropies; however, entrepreneurs are increasingly being viewed as important players in the ecosystem with the unique ability to lead, innovate and scale solutions to these issues in an efficient manner.

This panel brings together leading voices on entrepreneurship, women equality and empowerment from around the region to discuss how supporting and developing entrepreneurs can help advance the lives of women.

Key Takeaways

  • Showing the range of entrepreneurial innovations that are addressing women’s issues
  • Consider the challenges that can be addressed by entrepreneurs
  • Discuss the best framework to foster innovation and creative solutions

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