Harnessing the Power of Sports to Drive Social Impact

Event Details
  • June 28th, Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm
  • Room 308


This half-day workshop – co-presented by Anjani Kumar Sharma, Director- SAGA, and Nikhil Jha, VP – Social Entrepreneurship, will explore the power of sports to strengthen communities, create sustainable livelihoods, and drive social change especially in the developing countries of Asia where sports is a neglected entity. The workshop will focus on building the ecosystem for grass root sports.

The workshop will also examine how social investors can help do that by:

  • Understanding the Grassroots Sports Ecosytem in detail and the impact of sports as a social equalizer
  • Using Case Studies from across the world, with a discussion on the impact and challenges faced, and
  • A break-out exercise on preparing a strategic vision and scaling up a grassroots initiative on a national level

The workshop is designed for philanthropists, impact investors, and other social change makers who want to learn why a global peer-to-peer learning platform is important, and how they can help create it.

  • Anjani Kumar Sharma

    Anjani Kumar Sharma

    Co-founder and Director SAGA - Southern Accountability and Governance Alliance Pvt. Ltd

  • Nikhil Jha

    Nikhil Jha

    VP – Social Entrepreneurship SAGA - Southern Accountability and Governance Alliance Pvt. Ltd

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