Mobilising human capital for impact

Event Details
  • June 27th, Thursday, 2:45pm - 4:15pm
  • Room 311

A shortage in qualified personnel has been a major obstacle limiting even the larger social purpose organisations (SPOs) from scaling up their impact. SPOs have to either seek external help through consultants, or develop talent internally. However, each solution has its own challenges. Social investors and resource providers can play a critical role in harnessing the talent of the private sector to help SPOs and communities resolve social and environmental challenges.

This session will discuss the key issues that can unlock more human capital towards capacity-building of SPOs and outline a diverse range of practices engaged by foundations, corporates and intermediaries to effectively bridge the gap between the needs of the sector and available human resources.

Key Takeaways

  • Best practices by foundations, corporates and intermediaries in leveraging skilled volunteers and providing capacity building for SPOs
  • Insights on how to make a convincing business case to employers, meet the personal and career development needs of the volunteers and produce substantial value for the SPO
  • Challenges and opportunities in strengthening human capital in the social sector
  • Vijaya Balaji

    Vijaya Balaji

    Managing Director Toolbox India Foundation

  • Yan Zhai

    Yan Zhai

    Chairman Beijing Pro Bono Foundation

  • Roshan Paul

    Roshan Paul

    Co-Founder and CEO Amani Institute

  • Fiona Li

    Fiona Li

    Programme Officer Thomson Reuters Foundation

  • Lan Lan

    Lan Lan

    Corporate Responsibility Senior Manager PwC China

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