Networking Breakfast on Creating an Asian Ecosystem for Impact Bonds

Event Details
  • June 26th, Wednesday, 7:30am - 8:45am
  • Room 300


Social Finance India, in partnership with AVPN, invites partners to discuss the Asian eco-system for impact bonds, with a focus on propelling Asia towards achievement of the SDGs. We will address how supporting service providers to measure and demonstrate impact at scale through capacity building will shift the focus of philanthropic funding to the reimbursement of results rather than receipts; and, the potential to harness Asian expertise and resources to create an eco-system for impact bonds, making it more cost-efficient. Finally, we will consider the $1 billion India Education Outcomes Fund as a case study to discuss the potential growth of impact bonds within a nascent market in a developing country.

  • Ashutosh Tyagi

    Ashutosh Tyagi

    Partner India Education Outcomes Fund & Head SF India Social Finance India (SFI Impact Foundation)