Networking lunch on nutrition

Event Details
  • June 25th, Tuesday, 12:45pm - 2:45pm
  • Room 304


This networking lunch will bring together delegates who are funding, or interested in funding, the solutions to affordable nutrition across the region.

Nutrition, or more importantly, a lack of nutrition, is one of the most important cross-cutting issues in the social sectorhas important consequences as it affects programmes in a wide range of areas including: Education, as it reduces the ability of children to learn; Livelihoods, as there is a detrimental effect on the lifelong productivity of an adult who experienced malnutrition as a child; and Healthcare, as a basic nutrition-related intervention has a proven positive impact on a patient’s response to treatment for any disease.

Despite this, the sector accounts for less than 1 percent of global foreign aid, and struggles to attract significant philanthropic and corporate funding. Join us for a lively networking and lunch discussion which will be led by Martin Short, the Executive Director of the Power of Nutrition.

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