Panel Discussion on Investing in Better Nutrition

Event Details
  • June 25th, Tuesday, 5:00pm - 6:15pm
  • Summit 1-2

Join the leading voices across the Nutrition sector as they discuss the economic imperatives to invest in innovation and affordable nutrition to counter the consequences of a lifetime of nutrient deficiency and communicable diseases that can lead to long-term challenges in not just achieving positive outcomes in healthcare but also education and livelihoods.

  • Ertharin Cousin

    Ertharin Cousin

    Former Executive Director, World Food Program and Board Member The Power of Nutrition

  • Martin Short

    Martin Short

    CEO The Power of Nutrition

  • Anand Sundaresan

    Anand Sundaresan

    Regional Vice President, Human Nutrition & Health, Asia-Pacific DSM Nutritional Products

  • Bradley J. Busetto

    Bradley J. Busetto

    Director United Nations Development Programme

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