#Solvable documentary screening

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  • June 27th, Thursday, 1:30pm - 2:30pm
  • Summit 1-2

#Solvable is a platform that aims to inspire optimism and raise awareness of global issues that are solvable in the next generation. The platform includes a series of mini-films, a podcast, and a documentary film.

The Solvable documentary film is a character-driven story about what is possible when we harness expertise in science, technology, and the use of data to find and scale solutions — and how the optimism those solutions generate can drive further progress. The film is comprised of three chapters: the story of a woman in Kenya who survives a near-fatal childbirth with the help of a simple medical device and a nurse trained to use it, and the effort to bring that training and technology to every Kenyan childbirth; the story of farmers in Ethiopia equipped with the technology and tools to move beyond subsistence farming to produce enough yield to supply regional and global markets; and the story of the economic opportunities that become possible for an Indian village when they are given access to electricity through local solar-powered mini-grids. The film is produced by Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmakers The Documentary Group and The Rockefeller Foundation.

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