Strengthening funder and founder relationships in investment readiness

Event Details
  • June 25th, Tuesday, 11:15am - 12:45pm
  • Room 325

When is an enterprise ready for investment? Does a founder’s idea of investment readiness match a funder’s expectations of investment readiness?

In collaboration with Credit Suisse and Village Capital, AVPN has been mapping resources within its members network to produce a comprehensive toolkit for development and is proud to launch the Social Enterprise Development Toolkit at this session. The toolkit, which is in its pilot phase, is designed to equip Social Enterprises (SEs) with relevant resources to accelerate, better assess and manage their investment readiness.

As part of the Toolkit development, AVPN also re-framed how a common language framework might look like for the Asian social enterprise sector. Join this session to understand more about the Toolkit and how it can accelerate the conversation and strengthen the relationship between Funders and Founders. We are delighted to have Benjamin Cavalli, Singapore CEO and Head of Private Banking at Credit Suisse, to open the session.

Key Takeaways

  • Assess common challenges in investment conversations between funders and founders, and why a common language around investment readiness is important
  • Understand available resources and support to accelerate the investment readiness of Social Enterprises
  • Discuss additional resources and support needed to accelerate the investment readiness of Social Enterprises and other Social Purpose Organisations

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