The AVPN Conference

AVPN Conference 2020 – Why It Matters

Asia-Pacific is at a critical juncture. While it struggles with a complex web of pressing socio-environmental challenges, the region is a catalyst for positive systemic change, with a population of young, passionate, and socially attuned leaders as well as a growing concentration of the world’s largest wealth-holders.

To facilitate the strategic flow of financial and non-financial resources into these critical, high impact areas, AVPN is leading the charge to convene a diverse community of eminent social investing practitioners and thought leaders across Asia. These are leaders who are capable of sharing and applying innovative best practices, willing to collaborate around under-served causes, and experienced in advancing a movement towards maximum impact. Within seven years, AVPN now hosts the largest social investing conference in Asia-Pacific with more than 1000 representatives from over 45 countries.

The goal of the AVPN Conference 2020 is to ensure social investors are better equipped to champion and deploy capital more effectively into critical issues that matter most to them.

The Power of Networks

Themed The Power Networks, the 8th edition of the AVPN Conference will focus on the impact that networks can bring to advance global agendas, scale solutions and connect key stakeholders for maximum collective impact.  Leveraging the power of networks has never been more important to address the pressing global issues that no one organization, country or individual can solve alone.

AVPN 2020 will harness the power of networks to influence and ignite action across 3 key pillars: people, place and platforms

  • People: Breaking silos across different types of social investors has always been core to our mission and continues to be key to unlocking unique partnerships and ensuring learnings are captured across the ecosystem. However, we recognise that there are nuanced objectives and challenges within its unique diversity.

    For the first time, the AVPN Conference will include sessions dedicated to specific groups of funders such as foundations, family offices, corporations, impacts funds etc. These sessions will focus on peer to peer knowledge sharing and best practice approaches that can apply regardless of the impact area of focus.

  • Place: AVPN presents global, regional and local perspectives across different sessions throughout the Conference, with a focus on adapting international knowledge for local contexts. Primed for direct action, the program will include market-specific networking as well as interactive workshops designed to translate high-level panel discussions into more intimate market-specific working groups.  The AVPN Connector App will continue to help delegates navigate through more targeted networking opportunities with peers from particular markets.
  • Platforms: Backed by technology and brought to life through in-person engagements, platforms play a key role in harnessing the power of networks. Whether bringing together diverse stakeholders around specific  impact areas or helping to tap into difficult to reach communities, platforms are critical to pooling efforts, leveraging technology for scale, and streamlining processes. The 2020 Conference will highlight existing platforms that can be leveraged to maximize impact and shine a light on some key gaps that could benefit from new platforms.

Why you should attend AVPN 2020?

  • Connect: Leverage the convening power of AVPN to connect with leading social investment practitioners from around the globe working to tackle common challenges throughout Asia
  • Learn: Hear from the region’s top authorities on cutting edge solutions, best practices and inspiring examples to drive impact.
  • Lead: Set the agenda by bringing urgent attention to the most pressing issues facing Asia .